September 14th

crispy salt cod, smoked cauliflower, pickled red onion [13]
habanada sausage, cannellini beans, caramelized onions, farro miso, fennel mostarda, dill [13]
eggplant caponata tart, corn, currants [3 each]

zucchini bread, apples, roasted fig + grape vinaigrette, radicchio, sorghum, jalapeno + chive ricotta [16]
seaweed sourdough, ciccioli, pickled fennel stems, wood sorrel [16]
focaccia, chicken liver mousse, pickled watermelon rind, purple sorrel [16]

summer salad, spicy peach vinaigrette, seven sisters, cucamelons, ground cherries, pistachios, crispy onions [15]
pear, chanterelles, 25 year old balsamic vinegar, olives, red onion, crispy rosemary [17]
seared scallops,
pine nut mousse, benne seed + chili oil, bronze fennel [17]

corn + taleggio ravioli, peaches, habanada peppers, crispy caper berries [24]
ricotta cavatelli, beef ragu, parsley, fennel breadcrumbs [25]
gorro de bruja, pork ragu, pickled peppers, bacon, ricotta salata, aleppo breadcrumbs [24]
house-made gluten-free pasta also available, add [4]

grilled pork loin, herb aioli, lemony romano beans, corn, chickpeas, cilantro [35]
swordfish, acqua pazza, filet beans, fennel, chili oil, crispy capers [33]
caramelized white sweet potato, eggplant, kale pesto, pine nut halva, tomatoes, peperonata [26]

pecorino cake, raspberries, candied hazelnuts [13]
rainwater madeira custard, semolina crumble, mint [11]
peach sorbet, yogurt mousse, pistachios, vanilla meringue [12]

Please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions.
We make all our breads and pasta in-house; there may be trace amounts of gluten on all cooking surfaces.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.