We offer a fun, eclectic selection of wines, beers, ciders, spirits, and soft drinks with bottle prices ranging from $38 to $138 and up. We allow corkage for a $50 fee with a strictly enforced limit of one bottle per table. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


Autumn on the West Coast
with Wines Neither White nor Red

Naughty & Nice
Malvasia Bianca, Birichino, Monterey, California, 2016 [12/48]

Touch of Grey
Pinot Noir Rosé, Effort, Edna Valley, California, 2018 [15/60]

Skeletons from the Closet
Gamay Rosé, “Bone-Jolly,” Edmunds St. John, El Dorado, California, 2018 [16/64]

Silken, Sad, Uncertain Rustling of Each Purple Curtain
Pinot Noir Blend Rosé, Poe Wines, Napa, California, 2018 [16/64]

Westward Trouss-Ho!
Trousseau Gris, Two Shepherds, Sonoma, California, 2017 [18/72]

A Different Kind of Cult Wine
Sauvignon Blanc, “The Prince in His Caves,” Scholium Project, Sonoma, California, 2016 - from a Coravin [27/108]

Oh, Make Me Over!
Chenin Blanc Blend, “Skins,” Field Recordings, Central Coast, California, 2018 [15/60]

Made for the Best Purpose
Gewürztraminer, “Andreas Vineyard,” Biggio Hamina Cellars, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2017 [15/60]

A Game of Restraint Versus Elegance
Pinot Grigio Rosé, “Ramato,” Cameron, Dundee Hills, Oregon, 2018 - from a Coravin [25/100]

Gorgeous on the Table & Even Better on the Tongue
Pinot Gris Rosé, Haden Fig, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2018 [15/60]


Petrol, Citrus Peel, & Soil
Riesling, “Margus Margi,” Vino Budimir, Zupa, Serbia, 2011 [14/56]

Imperfect, Impermanet, & Incomplete
Vidal Blend, “Wabi Sabi,” Linden, Fauquier, Virginia, 2017 [13/52]

Back to the Beginning
Mâcon-Uchizy, “Les Maranches,” Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon, Burgundy, France, 2014 [16/64]

Sparkling & More

Light as a Feather
Riesling Blend Pétillant Naturel, “Spark,” Winzerhof Stahl, Franken, Germany, 2017 [14/56]

Je Vois la Vie en Rose
Grolleau Pétillant Naturel Rosé, “La Vie en Rose,” Domaine du Pas Saint Martin, Loire, France, NV [13/52]

Rural Wine
Ramato Pétillant Naturel, Chateau Deluxe, Willamette Valley, Oregon, 2018 [19/76]

As Served at the State Department
Sparkling Syrah, Treveri, Columbia Valley, Washington, NV [12/48]

The Ultimate Island Wine
Rainwater Madeira, Broadbent, Madeira, Portugal, NV [12]


If You Want Peace, Prepare the Wine
Negrette, “Vinum,” La Colombière, Fronton, France, 2018 [13/52]

The New Spain
Mencia, “Ultreia Saint Jacques,” Raúl Pérez, Bierzo, Spain, 2017 [14/56]

Shake Your Beaumes-Beaumes
Beaumes-de-Venise, “Terres Blanches,” Domaine Fenouillet, Rhône, France, 2016 [15/60]

Tengo un Toro que Me Da Vino
Toro Crianza, “Lui,” Lui & William, Toro, Spain, 2016 [16/64]

Old Wine Out of Big Bottles (Magnums from a Coravin)
Rioja Reserva, “Viña Tondonia,” López de Heredia, Rioja, Spain, 2006 [34/272]

Suds & Ciders

Brightwood's Brightest
Dry Cider, “Happy Trees,” Anxo, DC - 12oz can [9]

Riding All Around the Street
Witbier, “White Bicycles,” Right Proper, DC – on tap [9]

The Shadow of the Waxwing Slain
Dark Saison, “Rorschach,” Pale Fire, Virginia on tap [10]

Blame Canada!
Double IPA, “Surround Sound,” Collective Arts, Ontario - on tap [9]

Cerveza con Carácter
Lager, Tecate, Mexico - 16oz can [6]

Soft Drinks

Limone e Sale [3]
Hibiscus Agua Fresca [8]
Orange-Fennel Shrub [8]
Concord-Lavender Shrub [8]
Iced Moroccan Mint [6]
Iced Yunnan Gold [6]

Fever-Tree Tonic [3]
Barritt’s Ginger Beer [3]
Pellegrino Pompelmo [3]
Pellegrino Chinotto [3]
Sprecher Root Beer [3]
Mexican Coke [3]


Yellow Bird [15]
rum, apricot & banana liqueurs, Galliano, pineapple, orange, egg white
* For each drink sold, we’ll make a $3 donation to World Central Kitchen
to support its ongoing Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas

First Word [16]
Pineapple Rum, Yellow Chartreuse, Capitoline White, lemon

Enjoyed Under the Sun [12]
Otto’s Athens Vermouth, orange twist

Pamchenko Twist VII [13]
slammable vodka cocktail

Chega de Saudade [16]
cachaça, Strega, lime, watermelon, jalapeño

Qué Onda, Viejo? [15]
mezcal, Angostura Amaro, carrot-cardamom shrub, lemon

Alright, Alright, Alright [15]
bourbon, rainwater madeira, Capitoline Rosé, Fernet Francisco

Brooklyn Bridge [15]
rye, St. Agrestis Amaro, Angostura

Decorative Gourd Season [16]
One Eight Barrel-Aged Gin, pear-ginger shrub, lemon, Angostura, Fernet

Dark & Stormy [13]
Jill’s - dark rum, Barritt's ginger beer
Bill’s - blackstrap rum, house-made ginger beer

Last Word [16]
Apostoles Mate Gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino, lime

Introductory Note
to Retrospect: Los Angeles

Ina Coolbrith

“A breath of balm - of orange bloom!
By what strange fancy wafted me,
Through the lone starlight of the room?
That suddenly I seem to see

The long, low vale, with tawny edge
Of hills, within the sunset glow;
Cool vine-rows through the cactus hedge,
And fluttering gleams of orchard snow.

Far off, the slender line of white
Against the blue of ocean’s crest;
The slow sun sinking into the night,
A quivering opal in the west.

Somewhere a stream sings, far away;
Somewhere from out the hidden groves,
And dreamy as the dying day,
Comes the soft coo of mourning doves.

One moment all the world is peace!
The years like clouds are rolled away,
And I am on those sunny leas,
A child, amid the flowers at play.”