--A note from Jill--

I'm proud to be from the US Virgin Islands.  Our name is a nod to the island phrase, Tail up goat. Tail down sheep. The devastation caused by Hurricane Irma + Hurricane Maria has left me heartbroken for those reeling in the aftermath of these storms.

The photos and stories being shared bring back my own memories of the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn.  Hugo hit weeks after we moved to St. Thomas in 1989.  Our roof peeled away from our home, and we took shelter in a closet and held a mattress over our heads.  I was in kindergarten. It’s strange how you adapt, what becomes normal.  We didn’t have power for months.  Our roof was a blue FEMA tarp.  To bathe, my parents dipped buckets on ropes into our cistern to pull up water, and we showered with cups and buckets.  We used Coleman camping stoves to cook and Coleman camping lanterns for light after the sun set.  We had a cooler that we kept perishable food in.  My mom stood in lines outside of grocery stores to wait to get to shop from the picked-over shelves.  This was life for months.

With my hometown community in need I turned to my DC restaurant community for help.  They've joined us at Tail Up Goat by putting a Caribbean inspired drink on their menus for at least the next 4 weeks with $1 from each drink sold benefitting organizations including: 

St. John Rescue

Kenny Chesney’s Foundation, Love For Love City Foundation

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands

Tim Duncan’s Fund; 21 US Virgin Island Relief Fund

If you are thinking of where to head out for a cocktail please consider one of the many restaurants participating. 

They'll all be slinging drinks for a cause, so raise your glass to help with relief efforts in the US Virgin Islands!  Don't forget to take photo of yourself and use #dcdrinksforvi to share your snap! -- ox, Jill

All Purpose
Rose's Luxury
Boundary Stone
Ren Hen
Room 11
2 Amy's
District Winery
Osteria Morini
Chez Billy Sud
Sally's Middle Name
Atlas Restaurant Group
Petworth Citizen
Hill Prince
Doi Moi
1905 Bistro + Bar
El Camino
Free State Bar
Lost & Found
The Coupe
The Salt Line
Acqua Al 2
La Puerta Verde
Bad Saint
Mellow Mushroom