Jon Sybert, Jill Tyler, and Bill JensenHow to tell the difference on an island overrun with both: "Tail up goat. Tail down sheep."

Tail Up Goat is a neighborhood restaurant based in the historic Adams Morgan enclave of Washington, DC. After a decade working side-by-side at some of the city's finest restaurants, owners Jon Sybert, Jill Tyler, and Bill Jensen opened their doors in February 2016. As longtime Adams Morgan residents, they hoped to establish the kind of enduring local institution they would want to frequent themselves. They were and are supported in this dream by a former regular turned partner, Kevin Doyle.

Tail Up Goat is the type of spot where you can just as easily grab a quick bite on the way home or settle in for a more leisurely celebration. The food and drink are soulful and sophisticated with a special emphasis on pasta and bread along with idiosyncratic, food-friendly tipples and soft drinks. You are just as likely to discover something new and wildly unexpected as settle into a stunning take on an old forgotten favorite.

The restaurant's name is a nod to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jill's childhood home. She and Jon tied the knot on her favorite beach, and Bill occasionally joins them on vacation along with his wife. It is the kind of place where time slows, shoulders relax, and you are able to reconnect easily with friends and family, which is to say exactly the kind of place we want our restaurant to be.