crispy salt cod, smoked cauliflower, pickled red onion [10]
grilled rabbit sausage, fennel mostarda, marinated radicchio [10]
garlic knots, peperonata, parsley [11]

einkorn sourdough, chicken liver mousse, carrots, cipollini conserva [18]
red fife bialy, duck egg, trout roe, pickled fennel stem, creme fraiche [16]
focaccia "spanakopita," spinach, feta, pine nut halva, paprika [13]

stracciatella, brussel sprouts, fermented cabbage, oat + mustard crumble [16] 
cheese course, grayson, grape jelly, walnut, sunchoke [16]  
sweet potatoes, bagna cauda, chili flake, crispy caperberries [13]

blue hubbard cappelletti, smoked apple butter, celery, caraway crumble [20] 
tagliatelle, mushroom + bacon ragu, parsley, black pepper breadcrumbs [22]
capunti alla puttanesca, white anchovy, candied olives, parmesan [21]
house-made gluten-free pasta also available, add [4]

smoked mushroom, black garlic gremolata, dandelion green + almond salsa verde, croutons [25]
lamb ribs, sumac onions + black lime yogurt, beets, hazelnut dukkah, mustard seeds - for two [55]
whole stuffed porgy, swiss chard + caper stuffing, root vegetables, black walnut praline - for two [42]

lemon + olive oil italian ice, cashew butter, coconut [11]
bitter chocolate pudding, cocoa nib meringue, amaro, pistachio [12]
parsnip pineapple cake, salted caramel + rosemary gelato, candied hazelnuts [12]

Please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions.
We make all our breads and pasta in-house; there may be trace amounts of gluten on all cooking surfaces.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.