--Drifters Wife + Tail Up Goat--

We are really excited to host Ben Jackson the Chef at Drifters Wife in Portland, Maine at Tail Up Goat on Monday, October 9th.

Last September Jon and Jill popped into Drifters Wife and loved it so much they went back the next night.  Drifters Wife is a truly special spot and Ben is an insanely talented chef.  We can't wait to have him in the kitchen. 

Ben and Jon are going to collaborate on a 7 course meal featuring the last gasps of summer and early fall bounty. They are even hoping to feature a few things directly from Maine! 

The dinner will be $150/person (exclusive of tax, gratuity & beverage) and there will be an optional wine pairing at $90. Unfortunately, we won't be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions other than the vegetarian version of the dinner. The dinner will include meat, seafood, shellfish, poultry, nuts, and gluten.

The pairing will highlight some of Bill's favorite producers of natural wine or as Peter + Orenda (owners of Drifters Wife + Maine & Loire) refer to it -- real wine.  

Drifters Wife is actually housed within an amazing wine shop called Maine & Loire. If you are ever in Maine you must visit both the shop and restaurant.  That is a direct order!

Reservations are available on Monday, September 11th at 10:00 AM via our website.  A credit card will be required to hold all reservations.  Cancellations made after Friday, October 6th will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

Hope to see you,

Jill, Bill + Jon